Marine Is the first collection of mirrors by LAB17E17 DELUXE DESIGN.
Our art design creations arise from a romantic mix of natural shells, wood and silver-coated mirrors.
Each mirror is entirely hand-made, which means it is perfectly unique and never the same as other mirrors.
Each mirror has its own magnetic attraction, resulting from the fusion of seashell energies with the great passion of its creators. The handcrafted features and quality of the skillfully and patiently executed decorations enliven the “made in Italy” design that is appreciated worldwide. Our creations are born to be attractive and useful, as objects that furnish and embellish our living spaces.
With their redefined details and decorations and unique designs, our mirrors blend into any interior with style and elegance, they are designed for those who want to create and live in exclusive spaces, furnished stylishly and made complete with unique and prestigious objects.