Some ideas take shape and arise almost for fun, by chance and without a specific purpose.

LAB17E17 DELUXE DESIGN was born from the encounter of creativity with pure chance.

On a warm, late summer day, when beaches are less invaded by tourists and waves are slowly pushed by a light breeze, the foreshore becomes the ideal place to walk and meet the sea, listening to its tales.
Such listening involves careful observation of everything that comes from its depths. It is almost as if the sea, gently laying things on the sand, would like to…talk to us…always giving us something mysterious and precious.

While walking along that very line of wet sand that divides the sea from the beach, in search of nothing in particular but paying attention to everything, including objects and shells uncovered by the sea, all of a sudden Liliana’s attention, as well as mine, was captured by the sinuous movement of an immaculate white shell, pushed by the waves as if it were performing the last part of its long dance.
That shell is just an empty shape, lost and stranded on the sand, but it carries with it a long history of life and emotions experienced in the silent depths of the sea.
We instinctively felt that we should pick it up. It was too beautiful…full of energy and maybe had much to tell.
That simple white shell will never be alone and lost in the sand again.

At that precise moment, the idea was born of finding other shells and bringing them together to create new objects.
These objects, aside from being useful and beautiful, may bring new life to the wonderful treasures from the depths of the sea, always offering infinite emotions that only the sea can convey.

From that moment, such fascinations and emotions heavily influenced our way of being “ITALIAN CRAFTSMEN.”
In this way, LAB17E17 DELUXE DESIGN not only became our brand but also a real laboratory of ideas and free expression.
An all-white container, where we can give life to our creations. A kind of large drawing board to develop our ideas, and then see them actually made into the objects that we like and love.
Hence, our “MISSION” is to create objects with corals, shells and other sea treasures that romantically “walk” with great confidence, offering a perfect balance of art and design.

We individually select each decorative element, whether a coral, shell, pearl etc., with great care and attention according to its beauty, colour and the amount of energy it conveys.
Selection, which is carried out manually and almost ritually, is followed by a strictly handcrafted manual application process, one piece at a time, until our objects are fully completed. These objects are and always will be entirely made in Italy but, above all, they are and always will be unique and difficult to reproduce.