LAB17E17 DELUXE DESIGN comprises Massimo Cabbia, born in 1971 in Bologna, who has a strong inclination for world sales and is fond of design, art and anything that embodies and represents beauty, and Liliana Karina Cavallucci, born in 1973, a charming designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In May 2010, they decided to become business partners, as well as partners in life, in order to create a world that allows them to fulfill their passions and freely express their emotions.

Therefore, they decided to give life, shape and dimension to their common passion for art and design. This is how LAB17E17 DELUXE DESIGN was established, a true “laboratory” of ideas, where they can express themselves, create and experiment.
This is also how “MARIN”, the first collection of mirrors, was created to furnish, to be useful and to amaze.
These mirrors are real design objects, sold and appreciated all over the world.