The pleasure of wearing tailored clothing, skillfully and especially created for the person who will wear it, has been an inspiration for LAB17E17 DELUXE DESIGN “TAILORED CUT”.

A service for all customers who want to enjoy a taste of exclusivity.

LAB17E17 DELUXE DESIGN“TAILORED CUT” is the name of the service offered to anyone who enjoys the pleasure of owning a unique and exclusive object that satisfies their taste and reflects their spirit.

By choosing this service, the customer will be able to interact with LAB17E17 DELUXE DESIGN during the many stages of production required to make a personal mirror.

For example, the customer may decide the best dimensions and shape so that the mirror perfectly fits into its place.

The customer may choose a chromatic effect by selecting the surface color and the type of shell preferred.

Once the creation is complete, the customer will also have the pleasure of naming the mirror as desired, and this name will not be used again for any other creations.

Before delivery, a small stainless steel plaque will be applied to the back of the mirror, on which the customer’s name, the name of the mirror and its date of creation will be engraved, as well as a special personal dedication by LAB17E17 DELUXE DESIGN.